Soundproofing Walls with PhoneStar

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Soundproofing Walls with PhoneStar

Soundproofing walls using PhoneStar has become easier with this highly effective, versatile and slim sound insulation board. The award-winning and CE-marked PhoneStar material significantly reduces both airborne sound (such as talking, TV noise and music) and structural sound (e.g. doors and drawers closing) that pass through party walls or internal walls. PhoneStar is widely popular for reducing noise from noisy neighbours, within one’s own home or workplace, and for meeting Building Regulation requirements. Since PhoneStar is only 15mm thick, it takes up minimal space in a room once the complete finished system is installed. The wall soundproofing system is easy to install and detailed instructions are provided.

In addition to its soundproofing benefits, PhoneStar acoustic insulation is made entirely from natural materials, offering added health and well-being advantages. It is eco-friendly and allows moisture and condensation to pass through without causing damage. This CE-marked product has undergone rigorous testing for both acoustic performance and structural capabilities, making it suitable for soundproofing projects involving masonry or stud construction. It is ideal for new construction, conversions, renovations, and remedial soundproofing projects.

While soundproofing walls, it’s important to note that certain structural noises (e.g. banging doors) can be challenging to eliminate because they stem from vibrations throughout the entire building structure, not just the party wall. Using foam strips around the inner door frame is the recommended solution in order to solve this issue.