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About Us

Acara Concepts Ltd is a distributor of natural and ecological thermal and acoustic insulation materials which offer excellent performance.  Acara Concepts was established in 2007 as a small family business. From the outset our sole focus was to sell quality acoustic insulation and thermal insulation products that were made from natural and ecological materials. We source our products from Europe and distribute them throughout the UK and Ireland through a selection of stockists.


Our Fabric First Approach

These sustainable insulation materials that we supply have many inherent qualities that enhance our health and well-being as well as ensuring an energy efficient and durable built environment. We believe that the Fabric First approach to building design is critical in order to create healthy and low carbon buildings, which are comfortable to live and work in. None of our insulation products contain harmful toxins compared to many common man-made insulation materials. Breathability or vapour diffusion is key to healthy constructions, whether new or old, and all of our insulation materials can absorb condensation and humidity from within a room and enable it to pass through the structure so that it can evaporate. This significantly reduces humidity, condensation and mould growth, and so contributes to a much more comfortable and healthy interior micro-climate. Natural insulation materials are also very beneficial for our environment as they sequester carbon dioxide during their growth, as well as significantly reducing carbon emissions from the built environment.



Our Service to You

Acara Concepts offers technical and installation advice to the construction trade, architects, specifiers and home owners and the products can be purchased directly from your local stockist throughout the UK and Ireland. If you would like an installer to fit any of our product ranges or if you are interested in more information about us please Contact Us for guidance. With long established stockists and suppliers you can be assured that you will receive a professional and friendly service throughout the entire process.