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PhoneStar (previously branded as Phonewell) soundproofing board is a high performing, award winning, natural and toxic-free acoustic insulation product which significantly reduces both airborne and impact sound.  |  more

Wood Fibre Insulation

Wood Fibre Insulation

Pavatex wood fibre thermal insulation is a breathable, natural and ecological fibre board which can be used externally or internally to effectively insulate walls, roofs and floors. It also improves the acoustic insulation.  |  more

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics

Lignotrend high quality acoustic absorption panels are made from solid timber slats with a wood fibre backing so that they very effectively absorb reverberation and echo within a room to enhance speech clarity.  |  more

Acara Concepts | Soundproofing, Natural Insulation & Room Acoustics


Welcome to Acara Concepts Ireland and UK

Acara Concepts Ltd is a distributor of the highest quality natural insulation and soundproofing materials to the sustainable building industry in Ireland and the UK. We only supply thermal insulation products made from natural materials as we strongly believe that these products enhance our health and well-being as well as reducing carbon dioxide within the atmosphere. All of Acara Concepts’ products are breathable and vapour open which means that they absorb condensation and humidity and allow it to pass through the structure to evaporate, which in turn hinders mould growth, and so makes the internal environment much healthier.


PhoneStar Acoustic Insulation

Soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings is made easy with PhoneStar (previously known as Phonewell) acoustic insulation boards. PhoneStar is only 15mm thick and it very successfully reduces both airborne noise and impact noise because of its unique structure which incorporates high mass, high density and a soft, loose filling.


Lignotrend Room Acoustics

Reverberation and echo within a room is greatly reduced by the Lignotrend timber and wood fibre room acoustics panels which are ‘natureplus’ certified.   These aesthetically pleasing panels create an ambient environment where speech is much clearer and irritating background noise is absorbed.


Pavatex Wood Fibre Insulation

Wood fibre thermal insulation soft boards from Pavatex provide excellent thermal resistance to any property but are particularly effective on historic or older properties which must be able to breathe to avoid rot and decay.  Wood fibre insulation also adds considerable thermal mass to timber frame buildings which helps to stabilise internal temperatures and enhances the acoustic insulation properties of the building.


Acara Concepts Support Team in UK and Ireland

These products are available from stockists throughout the UK and Ireland and the staff at Acara Concepts actively provide technical support, advice and WUFI analysis to the public, the building industry, architects, specifiers and of course our stockists. With long established partners and suppliers you can rest assured that you will receive a professional and friendly service throughout the whole process.


Ecological Insulation Products

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