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Please see our range of Pavatex Wood Fibre Insulation, Pavatex Membranes and Tapes and Baumit Plasters and Renders below. Fixings are also available.

Pavatex Wood Fibre Products

Isolair Multi

A water-resistant multifunctional insulation softboard with T&G for internal and external use. Used as a sarking board on roofs and walls with ventilated cladding or can be finished directly with breathable render or plaster. 

  • Board Size Coverage Area: 1860 x 590 mm – 1.097 m²
  • Board Size Gross Area incl. Tongues: 1880 x 610 mm
  • Board Thicknesses: 30, 35*, 40, 52*, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 mm
  • NOTE: *Full Pallets Only



A wood fibre board with T&G for internal wall insulation.  11mm OSB3 board has been bonded to the wood fibre so that it can be finished with plasterboard, with or without a services void. This is a vapour-open option and there is zero added formaldehyde in the OSB3.  

  • Board Size Coverage Area: 1080 x 560mm – 0.6048 m²
  • Board Size Gross Area incl. Tongues: 1100 x 580mm
  • Board Thicknesses: 51, 71mm including 11mm OSB



Flexible wood fibre batts for internal use between studs, joists and rafters. Not water-resistant. Very high density at 50kg/m³. Available in 375 and 575mm widths.

  • Batt Size Coverage Area: 1220 x 375mm – 0.4575 m²
  • Batt Size Coverage Area: 1220 x 575mm – 0.7015 m²
  • Batt Thicknesses: 50, 80, 100, 140mm


Pavatextil P

Flexible recycled cotton insulation batts for internal use between studs, joists and rafters. Not water-resistant. Also good for acoustic absorption.  Available in 600mm widths.

  • Batt Size Coverage Area: 1200 x 600mm – 0.72 m²
  • Batt Thicknesses: 45, 80, 100, 145mm


Reveal Board

A water-resistant softboard specially for reveals in internal and external use. Can be finished directly with breathable render or plaster or used with ventilated cladding. 

  • Board Size Coverage Area: 1100 x 600mm – 0.66 m²
  • Board Thicknesses: 19mm


Pavatex Membranes & Tapes

Pavatex ADB Breather Membrane

External Breathable Membrane with two-way self-adhesive integrated strips – wind & raintight. Use directly to the outside of Isolair Multi, Pavatherm or Pavaflex on roofs and walls.  Seal short ends with Pavatape 12. If mechanically secured, ADB breathable sarking membrane can be left exposed to the weather for up to 4 months. Water Permeability Sd: 0.03m. 1.5 x 50M Roll


Pavatex DB 3.5 Airtightness Membrane

Internal Vapour Control and Airtightness Membrane (not self-adhesive) for warm side of vapour-permeable insulation. Bond membrane to structure with Pavatape 12 and prime porous surfaces first. Seal overlapped areas of the membrane with the airtight Pavafix 60 Tape. Water Permeability Sd: 3.5m. 1.5 x 50M Roll


Pavafix Airtightness Tape

Internal Airtight Acrylic Adhesive Tape for sealing membranes or OSB for airtightness. Can be used externally in sheltered areas.  Pavaprim Primer required on all absorbent surfaces.

  • 60mm x 25M Roll
  • 20/40mm x 25M Roll with 2 peel-back strips for window and door frames
  • 150mm x 25M Roll


Pavatape 75/150

Aluminium Laminated Butyl Rubber Tape for externally sealing wood fibre at non-T&G joints to prevent rain ingress if a breather membrane is not used. Pavaprim Primer is required when bonding to wood fibre and other porous surfaces. 

  • 75mm Wide x 20M Roll
  • 150mm Wide x 20M Roll


Pavatape 12

Universal double-sided mastic tape for sealing Pavatex Membrane overlaps and edges to masonry. Pavaprim Primer is required when applying to wood fibre boards and other porous surfaces.

  • 12mm Wide x 10M Roll


Pavaprim Primer

Solvent-free and quick dry primer to use on wood fibre before bonding Pavatape and other tapes to it.  Typical Consumption 1L/2 Rolls of Pavatape 150 or 1L/4 Rolls of Pavatape 75.  4.5m² coverage approx. 1L Bottle.


Baumit Plasters and Renders

Internal Plasters

Baumit RK38

Internal Lime Plaster Dubbing Out Coat to level out uneveness in wall over 8mm.  Can go on in 10-15mm layers at a time. 2 or 3 layers can be used if required. 2nd layer can go on when 1st layer is slightly hard. 

  • Coverage 1.3kg/m²/mm. 35kg Bag.


Baumit RK70

Internal Lime Base Coat to level out uneveness in wall up to 8mm max. Can also be used as Bonding Coat to bond Isolair Multi / Pavadry to plastered wall at 5mm thickness. Can also used as Base Coat over Isolair Multi at 6mm thickness and can be used as textured Top Coat at 2mm thickness. 

  • Coverage 1.4kg/m²/mm. 25kg Bag.


Baumit Klima Glätt W

Internal Lime Plaster Topcoat – natural fine white at 2-3mm thickness. 

  • Coverage 1.0kg/m²/mm. 20kg Bag.


External Renders

Baumit MC55

Multi-purpose White Base Coat External Render. Also High Adhesion Bonding Render.

  • Coverage 1.0kg/m²/mm. Depth 6-9mm. 25kg Bag.


Baumit Premium Primer (DG27)

Premium Bonding Primer for use before application of SilikonTop Render. Vapour permeable liquid primer with aggregate.

  • Coverage 65m² per Tub. 20kg Tub.


Baumit SilikonTop

Pre-mixed, highly water-repellent, but vapour-permeable, silicone based topcoat render finish. Use over old and new mineral coatings and concrete surfaces. Primer required. Self-coloured. White or Coloured. 25kg Tub.

  • K1.5mm (1.5mm grain). Coverage 10m² per Tub.
  • K2mm (2mm grain). Coverage 7.8m² per Tub.
  • K3mm (3mm grain). Coverage 6m² per Tub.


Baumit SEP

Lime mineral render finish in extensive range of colours. Primer not required. 2 Coats of Silicate Paint Recommended. Colour in full pallets only. 25kg Bag.

  • SEP 01 (1mm grain) Coverage 11.4m² per Bag.
  • SEP 02 (2mm grain) Coverage 7.6m² per Bag.
  • SEP 03 (3mm grain) Coverage 6.3m² per Bag.
  • SEP 04 (4mm grain) Coverage 4.5m² per Bag.


Internal and External Use

Baumit NHL Thermo

Baumit NHL Thermo is a cement-free, mineral based, highly permeable, moisture-regulating and lightweight insulating plaster. It consists of NHL lime and mineral lightweight aggregates suitable for internal and external use. Particularly suitable on mineral substrates for listed and historical buildings but is not suitable in plinth or splash water areas or behind tiling. 0.08 W/mK. 30mm max per layer.

  • Coverage: 1 Bag for 40mm / m². 40L Bag.


Baumit DP85

DP85 Insulating Render / Plaster with EPS aggregate for internal or external use. Min thickness of 30mm required to prevent cracking. 0.07 W/mK.

  • Coverage: 1 Bag for 40mm / m². 9kg Bag.


Startex Reinforcing Mesh

Alkaline resistant, glass fibre textile mesh to be used in Baumit plaster and render systems.

  • 50M long x 1M wide Roll