PhoneStar Soundproofing

PhoneStar Soundproofing Acoustic Insulation Board

What is the PhoneStar TRI Soundproofing Board and Why is it Unique?

PhoneStar TRI is a dense soundproofing product with a high mass, but it is also soft due to its compacted, but loose, quartz sand filling contained within an engineered cardboard carcass. These are the critical characteristics required for noise reduction and it also has unique self-decoupling properties.

PhoneStar Soundproofing Solutions

Do you want to reduce noise:

  • From noisy neighbours?
  • From within your own home?
  • From a recording studio or music practice room?
  • Between offices or consultants’ rooms?
  • In factories?
  • Between classrooms?

PhoneStar Soundproofing Explained

PhoneStar TRI Soundproofing Benefits

PhoneStar Acoustic Insulation Performance

Airborne Sound Insulation

PhoneStar TRI soundproofing board alone has been certified to reduce Airborne Sound by a very high 38 Decibels (dB) (Rw, Ctr = -5). When the acoustic insulation board is then added to a wall, floor or ceiling structure, the overall Airborne Sound Insulation result of the complete structure will be much higher. Please note that when comparing Airborne Sound Insulation results of a complete wall, floor or ceiling structure, the higher the result the better the reduction in airborne sound.

Impact Sound Insulation

PhoneStar TRI reduces Impact Sound by a very significant 22dB (ΔLw) when laid on the industry standard concrete test floor. The overall impact sound insulation result of the complete floor and ceiling structure can also be tested and this laboratory result in Decibels is denoted by Ln,w. Please note that when comparing Impact Sound Insulation results of the complete floor structure, the lower the result the better the reduction in impact sound.

For a better understanding of airborne and impact acoustic insulation please refer to our Soundproofing Tips and Advice section.