Insulating Walls with Pavatex Wood Fibre

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Insulating Walls with Pavatex Wood Fibre

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is our preferred method for insulating the walls of both new and existing properties. This approach involves wrapping the entire building envelope in insulation, effectively eliminating cold bridges through junctions, and providing protection against rain ingress. However, in cases where a building has a unique external appearance, EWI may not be feasible, necessitating internal wall insulation.

Isolair Multi wood fibre boards are a versatile option for external insulation and can be finished with breathable render or ventilated cladding. Pavatex wood fibre insulation, being breathable, is suitable for use on all substrate types but is particularly beneficial for solid-walled properties, allowing moisture to escape and keeping the building fabric dry, warmer and healthier. This significantly reduces the risk of mould, wet rot and dry rot.

For timber-framed properties, Pavatex wood fibre insulation is highly recommended as it prevents moisture from getting trapped in the timbers, thus mitigating the risk of rot. Additionally, it adds substantial thermal mass to timber frame buildings, helping regulate internal temperatures by storing excess heat for up to 10-12 hours before releasing it very gradually. The high density and fibrous nature of wood fibre also enhance acoustic insulation properties. Moreover, wood fibre insulation buffers moisture, maintaining optimal relative humidity levels and creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) with wood fibre is an excellent choice for thermally insulating the inside of external walls, especially for buildings with a unique external appearance that cannot be altered. Isolair Multi wood fibre boards can be finished with breathable lime plaster, while Pavadry wood fibre boards can be finished with plasterboard.

Pavatex wood fibre insulation is ideal for IWI because it is vapour-open, capillary-active, and hygroscopic. This makes it suitable for use in solid-walled properties, which must remain breathable to prevent dampness and cold. Excessive dampness in the walls can lead to mould growth and rot. Pavatex wood fibre’s ability to absorb and release water vapour helps prevent condensation, mould growth and humidity, creating a pleasant, comfortable, and healthy interior climate.

However, it’s crucial not to over-insulate when internally insulating a solid wall. Please consult us for advice on the appropriate insulation thickness for your specific needs.