Home Acoustic Panels

What are LIGNO® Acoustic Home Panels?

Lignotrend Home Acoustic Panels in a Dining Room

LIGNO® Acoustic Home are decorative timber acoustic panels specially designed for homes or small projects, due to their smaller and more manageable size. If you have ever experienced loud background and reverberation noises in large open-plan rooms, you will agree that it is very irritating and stress-inducing. 

The LIGNO® Acoustic Home panels absorb this unwanted echoey noise so that fewer sound waves are reflected back into the room. This results in a quieter, calmer space where it is easy to have conversations or to listen to music.

The high quality, German made, LIGNO® Acoustic Home panels are made from natural timber slats with a fleece absorption backing and they offer a very contemporary and aesthetically pleasing finished solution. 

LIGNO® Domestic Finished Surface Options

LIGNO® Acoustic Home offers a large range of surface finishes. If you wish to add LIGNO® acoustic panels to a larger space, we recommend that you look at our Commercial Range where there are more options available.

Listen to the Difference:

Hear for yourself how LIGNO® Acoustic Home timber acoustic panels can make your living spaces quieter. In Lignotrend’s new video, they do a before and after comparison. There is no longer any echoing and the noise level in the room is significantly reduced. We apologise that the video is in the German language, but you can clearly hear the difference in sound quality.

Benefits of LIGNO® Acoustic Home:


Sound Absorption Classes vary from A to E with A being the best. LIGNO® Acoustic Home panels installed on 60mm deep battens with 40mm mineral wool in the cavity will give a Sound Absorption Class of A. This means that a minimum of 90% of the sound waves are absorbed by the panels.

Tongue and Groove Edging

The LIGNO® Acoustic Home panels are attached together through their tongue and groove connections along their long sides. This makes for simple installation of the panels.

Absorbent Fleece Backing

The rear of the LIGNO® Acoustic Home panel contains an Absorbent Fleece backing. This backing enhances the acoustic absorption performance of the board.

LIGNO® Acoustic Home Mural and Ceiling Canopy Panels

Mural Panels

The LIGNO® Acoustic Home Mural panels offer an elegant solution in reducing noise reverberation in your home. The wall mounted mural panels act as not only a statement piece for your room, but create a quieter and calmer environment. The panels come framed and are ready to be mounted directly on your wall for simple installation.

The mural panels come in Silver Fit Knotless and Oak Knotless Timber options. These panels differ to standard LIGNO® Acoustic Home panels, as they are a ready-to-install piece.

Ceiling Canopy Panels

The LIGNO® Acoustic Home Ceiling Canopy panels offer a similar solution to the murals, but are naturally ceiling mounted. They are offered in both Silver Fir Knotless and Oak Knotless Timber options. The panels come with wire ropes and ready to be mounted directly on your ceiling for simple installation.

The canopy ceiling panels can be placed over a kitchen island, dining table or office desk to reduce reverberation and echoey noise, while adding a stylish dimension.