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PhoneStar Installed on Walls


I would just like to express my thanks to you for supplying your “PhoneStar” product. I had the misfortune of tenants moving into the house next door – 10 months ago, constantly making the most awful noise – which was making my life a misery. I literally felt as if they were living in the same house. I had explored many ways to try to find a resolution to the problem, via my management company and the landlord, but with no success – the tenants just didn’t care how much noise they made and ignored requests to keep the noise levels down.


I literally could not enjoy being in my own home, or relax at the weekend, and finally thought the only thing which could at least give me some peace was to install the PhoneStar on my walls. Thank you for putting me in touch with John, who did a great job fitting the product for me.


Although the tenants are STILL as noisy as ever – the installation of the PhoneStar has DRAMATICALLY reduced the noise levels, I can – at least – return home in the evening after work without the dreadful feeling of “putting up” with the unacceptable levels of noise made by inconsiderate neighbours.


Again thanks for all your help – it has most certainly made a big difference to my quality of living!!


Kind regards


Shirley B


Yes I did purchase PhoneStar and install it. Managed to source the resilient bars in a local DIY merchants. Everything went quite well with the installation. Didn’t realise the boards were going to be so heavy though. Also it got a little bit messy with the sand spilling out when cutting to size. This was o.k. when sealed up with tape though. Over all it wasn’t too difficult a DIY task and I am very pleased with the result.


It’s installed over a week now and I’m still trying to hear noise from the neighbours as before but all is quiet. Thought they might be on holidays but no they are there but I can’t hear them anymore, which is brilliant.


So I am very happy with the result and have recommended your product to family and friends.


Thanks for your help




Robert H


This is a follow-up on the installation of the PhoneStar over a year ago by John Hall and his crew, we were very happy with the quality of work carried out by John and his crew, they took good care when cutting the PhoneStar to shape etc.  We had John install the resilient bars, PhoneStar and the 15 mm soundblok plasterboard on the entire party wall of our semi-detached house.  This did make a big improvement with regard to the reduction in sound coming from our neighbour’s house.  In the past you could hear sneezing, conversations and TV from next door, now the sounds are much fainter and we only hear the TV if it is turned up very loud.  Our neighbours had a party earlier this year and unfortunately the sound did travel along the internal wall which is connected to the party wall and so the sound was transferred along this wall down stairs while the party was going on next door, however as we sound insulated the upstairs party walls there was no problem with noise during the night from the neighbour’s house.  Therefore, we are happy with the reduction in noise that the product provides us with.

Best Regards


Jacinta F


Yes, used resilient bars, PhoneStar and 15mm soundblok plasterboard and re-skimmed within two rooms across the party wall. Yes happy with the final result, sound was significantly reduced.


Kind regards


Paul D


Yes I went ahead and got the job done on the walls, has reduced the noise level, not completely, but I knew that would be the case.


Maybe when I’m getting my carpets changed it might be worth contacting the guys again and getting the floor done to stop noise travelling up from below. Overall it was worth doing, a very professional job done by John and his crew.




Clare O’C


We are very happy with the results PhoneStar and John’s team have provided. The combination of the PhoneStar material and John’s team ability to ensure all gaps were sealed have made our house more peaceful and private.


Many Thanks,


Helen M


Yes, I purchased your PhoneStar boards and we installed with the sound bars and Fermacell boards over the top. Significant improvement. Very pleased. Niamh was fantastic and we certainly appreciated her advice and assistance.




Simon D




PhoneStar Installed on Floors


Yes we are very pleased with the PhoneStar sound insulation which we put on the upstairs floors in our timber frame house. They were pretty easy to fit, and they have deadened the sound considerably. Our children couldn’t sleep with the TV and talking noise going up into their rooms at night-time, but now barely hear anything, if at all. We have also found that these rooms are much warmer in the winter than previously, which is great.


In fact we want to use PhoneStar on a rental property which we are renovating at present, so I will be in touch with you shortly about this.


We have recommended PhoneStar to neighbours and family, and are very pleased with the product.


Good luck


Clare S


I recently purchased PhoneStar noise insulation panels, just a note to say how fantastic the product is, easily fitted and absolutely effective! Fitted into flat above very noisy pub, brill!


Colin P




PhoneStar Installed on Ceilings


We would be very pleased to recommend you, Acara Concepts, and PhoneStar. If it would help you secure contracts, we would be pleased to give a reference by telephone or by email to your prospective clients.


I would also like to personally go on the record as stating that you, Carl, are an excellent advocate for the PhoneStar product. We truly appreciate the time you gave to us to explain the technical details and to try to help us find competent installers of the soundproofing system. Thank you for recommending Daniel and his team from Soundproofing R Us. It is difficult, even with the search engine facility of the Internet, to find good reputable companies who stand behind their work.


We are very happy with the soundproofing achieved on the ceiling in our flat, and would recommend PhoneStar to everybody. We cannot hear anything from the flat above when we are in the rooms with the PhoneStar on the ceiling, but as soon as we go into the bathroom and kitchen we realise what we used to endure. Life is so much more peaceful now!


Take good care of yourself and very best wishes, and please remember if we can help you in any way we would be very happy to do so and please add this on to your PhoneStar testimonials.


Karina and David A