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Cutting and Taping PhoneStar with PhoneStar Eco-Tape

  • PhoneStar must be stored in a dry location
  • PhoneStar must be stored laid flat
  • The building structure should be watertight (unless offsite instructions are adhered to)
  • Acclimatise PhoneStar in the fitting location
  • Read all instructions carefully prior to fitting
  • If in doubt, please call the PhoneStar support team on (UK) +44 (0)20 7998 1690 or (Ireland) +353 (0)1 8409 286.


Cutting PhoneStar

  • Ensure careful handling to minimise filler spillage – otherwise the final performance may be compromised
  • Only cut the PhoneStar board while it is laid flat
  • Use a straight edge for guidance
  • Cut with a jigsaw, hand saw, Stanley knife or circular saw (ceramic tile tungsten carbide grit jigsaw blade, or general purpose tungsten carbide fine tooth circular saw blade, for longevity)
  • Immediately seal all cut edges with PhoneStar Eco-Tape while holding the board upright – see below

Taping the Cut Edges of PhoneStar with PhoneStar Eco-Tape


Taping PhoneStar Cut Edges


1. Hold the cut edge upwards.

Roll out the tape with a 3 to 5cm overhang at each side.


Taping PhoneStar Cut Edges


2. Press and smooth the tape down onto the cut edge.



Tear Tape of PhoneStar Product


3. Tear the tape to length.



Taping Down PhoneStar Cut Edges


4. Press and smooth the tape down both edges.


Smoothing down PhoneStar Cut Edges

5. Press and smooth the tape down both front and back faces.


Folding PhoneStar Cut Edges

6. Fold in the remaining wings onto both front and back faces.


Cutting Guide

7. A sealed PhoneStar board ready for fitting.